GP Registrars

We are a training practice. This means that we often have a GP registrar working with us. GP registrars are fully qualified doctors who have usually worked in hospital for several years, but are planning a career in general practice. They are usually with us for one year to complete their training to be a GP. We welcome enquiries from prospective GP registrars.

Video-recording of surgeries

One way that doctors continue to learn is to look at themselves on videotape. The GP registrar and other doctors in the practice periodically record their consultations with patients. Occasionally, therefore, you may be asked if you are willing to have your consultation with the doctor recorded on videotape. These recordings are for teaching and assessment purposes only and are only viewed by doctors.

Medical Students

Medical students now spend more of their time outside the hospital and university. We think that this is a good idea, and welcome medical students from Manchester University in the third and fourth year of their five year course. The students usually come for one day a week and learn by sitting in with the GPs and nurses and sometimes seeing patients on their own. You can of course always see the doctor without the medical student present if you wish.